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Work / Life Balance

Nov 2


Work / life balance for entrepreneurs is a very complicated thing, it is hard to disconnect yourself from your work because you want to make sure everyone is taken care of all of the time. Having three kids this has taught me that I can do most things that I need to do to have a very successful business and still be there for my family.

Here are a few tips I use to keep my work / life balance consistent.

-Tip 1:  Take time for self care.  Find at least one hour a day for self care.  This can be a walk, yoga, exercise, meditation etc You have to take care of yourself so you can show up for your business. 

-Tip 2: Listen to uplifting and motivational audio books or podcast as you work or drive to your sessions. 

-Tip 3: Schedule time with people you love and that fill you up.  It is easy to throw 40+ hours into your business every week but you also need to foster relationships that help keep you happy and balanced.

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