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Three Tips to Shooting Film

Nov 2


A lot of film photographers shy away from sunset photos because shooting sunsets on film are not as easy as on digital. Sunset photos are my jam so I knew when I added film to my work I had to be able to shoot dreamy sunset photos as well.  It took practice but I have nailed the sunset photos on film.

-Tip 1:  Shoot Portra!  I know we all love Fuji but Portra works best for sunsets. The Portra film lines are known for their their natural warmth (Portra 160 has red and brown undertones while Portra 400 has undertones of orange and yellow). This means that colors will be rendered differently than other films such as the well-known Fuji 400H. So to capture those warm sunset tones I use Portra film.

-Tip 2: Timing is everything. You can push digital a little further and shot into the very last seconds of sunset.  Film is a bit more light hungry so I tend to shoot sunset photos about 30-15 minutes before the last dip in light. 

-Tip 3: Push your film.  I will also often push my film 1 stop for sunset photos to give the extra contract I need and to create a little more room for low light situations. 

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