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Epic Snow Canyon Elopement

Sep 3


5 Tips to Planning an Epic Elopement

Pick and Epic Location

Over the past couple years I have seen a trend towards epic elopements. Couples are forgoing the traditional weddings and the expenses of hosting a huge party and renting a venue! Instead they can treat themselves to a lavish destination vacation, over the top bouquet, unique wedding gowns and high-end photographers. I love that couples are following their hearts and not going the traditional wedding route if it doesn’t speak to them.

Hire an Awesome Photographer

Photography is a huge focus for elopement weddings, you have epic views and landscapes so having someone to document your day will be a priority and you will have a larger budget for vendors like photography is your not renting a venue. Regardless of your photography budget, be sure to hire a professional. You’ll want to look back on the memories of your special day and your parents and other family and friends will certainly want to see what they missed too!

You will Need to Make a Plan

It’s a misconception to think that “elopement” means a cheap or free wedding. The cost of an elopement will be considerably lower than a large traditional wedding. However, there are still expenses involved: the marriage license, travel and accommodations, your attire, wedding bands, maybe a simple festive bouquet and boutonnière, photography and/or videography and celebratory drinks or lunch/dinner afterwards. Those expenses can add up quickly so budget out what you’re willing to spend.

Your Guest List

Weddings are important milestones not only for a couple but for their families as well. The idea of an elopement might not go over well with some family members. Many who may have wanted to attend your big day. Of course, you need to do what’s right for you and those who love you will understand Be prepared to answer questions about why you want to elope rather than pay for a big party with your friends and family. You may want to consider giving loved ones the courtesy of letting them know ahead of time rather than being surprised by a general social media announcement after the fact. You can also invite those who are close to you to share in your adventure!!

Is it right for you?

Elopements are perfect if you are an adventurous couple looking to create a wedding that is a little more private and intimate than the traditional wedding. It is a time for the couple who is getting married to celebrate and enjoy an adventure together away from the hustle of a traditional wedding. You could choose to hike out to a remote location like we did in for this sunrise session or just go barefoot on the beach at sunset!

Having a first look with love letters is the perfect way to start a wedding day! After changing in to their clothes in the dark with headlamps and lacing up our hiking boots we headed out to find the perfect spot for a first look!!

You will want to scout out the area, get to know the location. I often go before hand and take photos of the area and choose where to shoot to provide inspiration for the couple. I will work together with your team to design the elopement fo your dreams and bring on the perfect vendors for your vision.

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