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Why wide shots are an important part of telling the wedding day story…

Aug 4

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Portrait photography centers around photography of subject(s)… also know, in this case, as people. However, as a wedding photographer it is also important to include the setting and surroundings to be able to tell the full story.  Most likely the couple spent a lot of time choosing a venue that would make the perfect backdrop for their day, so how upsetting would it be if it was not included in their pictures? I love how WIDE portraits allow photographers to set the stage and share the big picture. Of course, when I am shooting a wedding I will grab landscape shots of the venue that don’t include people, but, it is so much fun to capture a story of the day with the couple surrounded by scene around them. When couples view their photos I want them to relive their wedding day. If I’ve done my job, a photo can take them right back to that moment even when years down the road.  One of the ways I achieve this is to shoot each scene of the day really wide.  I start wide and then work my way in closer and closer to get the tighter shots. 

These wide style portraits also help to break up my blog posts and IG feed! It adds variety to my client’s gallery and I actually prefer this style of image for large prints and canvases. If you’re going to print a large portrait, a WIDE shot would be more like a piece of art on your wall instead of a portrait of yourself. So, if you want to start shooting WIDER here are three tips…

1. Avoid distractions! If there is a parking lot, golf cart or other blaring distractions, then avoid this location! It is not the spot for your wide shot. And while you’re looking, you want to also watch for bags, purses and other objects guest may have set down that will clutter up your image.  

2. Use a WIDE Lens. I use a Sigma Art 35mm for most of my wide shots. I love prime lenses for this type of shot! This lens allows me to focus on the couple while including more of the picture than if I was using a tighter lens such as a 50mm or 85mm.

3. Strategically place your couple so that you are catching the story, have awesome lead lines and a beautiful backdrop.

 For more examples of this type of work, check out my Instagram at @heatherandersonphotography.  


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