Cozy and Intimate Lake Oak Meadows Engagement Session A+S - Heather Anderson Photography

Cozy and Intimate Lake Oak Meadows Engagement Session A+S

May 25

engagement session


Steph and Andrew met in college during their public speaking class. Over the next couple of years the two became friends, and Stephanie was secretly crushing on him the entire time!! When he finally did ask her to be his girlfriend she stopped talking to him for 2 weeks!! She felt it was important to protect the friendship, eventually she could no longer deny her feelings! I am so glad she said yes to being his girlfriend because they make one cute couple!! They love to dance, enjoy wine together, and just be silly.  Their favorite thing to do together is to visit Palm Springs and disconnect from everything but each other!

I had a wonderful time getting to know both of these beautiful people and I know their wedding at Aviation Vineyards is going to be a joyful day!  I really enjoyed capturing this part of their love story for them at Lake Oak Meadows,  and I did most of it on film!!  Only 5 of these images are digital in this post.  I used Mastin Labs to match my film scans from The Find Lab to achieve a seamless look for Andrew and Stephanie.

How did he ask?

From the soon to be bride.:

We were at our favorite hotel in Palm Springs. Relaxing, healing, being super lazy and it was NYE. I’m an early bird so I wanted to take a nap so I could stay up till midnight. He seemed very upset that I wanted to take a nap at 8pm but I did anyways. He woke me up around 10pm and I got up. He mentions he had a surprise for me and presented a memory book. He was crying a lot and I still didn’t the hint. Until the last page of the memory book and then he was down on one knee. I said YES and tears were down his face and I was just in shock.




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