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Idyllic Idyllwild Engagement Session London and Poe

Mar 25

engagement session


Meet Poe and London!!  These two have been dating for 8 years and when I asked them about their first date I got two different stories ;), which I found adorable and got us all laughing. After 8 years together these two are so comfortable together and you can see the love between them.  London has a way of making Poe smile and light up… and the way Poe looks at London you know she adores him!

Time has a way of helping us forget the details of our story.  I know after almost 18 years of marriage my husband and I often have different versions of our stories. I think that is part of the reason I love photographs so much, it helps you remember your story. Looking at an image can take you back to that moment and remind you of how you felt, what the weather was, the sounds and smells.  I hope that when these two look at these images they will be reminded of their day in the mountains together and how it felt to be engaged and just months away from becoming husband and wife!!

Last Saturday I traveled to one of my favorite places in the mountains to meet them! I captured London and Poe‘s engagement session on a beautiful day! The skies were clear, the air was warm and crisp, making for the most amazing engagement session. Poe loved the idea of doing her engagement session in the mountains near a lake.  I wanted to help them find a place a little more intimate than Big Bear Lake. When I found Lake Fulmor I knew it would be the perfect backdrop for Poe and London.  We had a great time hiking, exploring and watching the sunset on the lake together.  I love the way London can make Poe light up.  He is gentle and caring with her and it is so sweet. Hopefully they will be able to cherish these images for years to come. I cannot wait for their wedding at the end of this year at the Center of the Arts in Costa Mesa.


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