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Gabbi + Ethan’s Romantic Crystal Cove Engagement Session

Aug 5

engagement session


Gabbi and Ethan were set up by their families. His sister and her mom work together… and they had a feeling these two should meet!  It didn’t matter that his sister and her mom lived in Colorado, and he lived in California, or that she lived in NYC! So when everyone happened to be in Colorado for Christmas, it was the perfect time for the set up!  Everyone met up for drinks (because no good story starts with salad) and the rest is history!

After dating for awhile, Ethan planned the perfect proposal.  He took her back to her hometown in Colorado. He had his sister, his mom, and her mom all take her out for lunch and manicures. She had no idea they were in on a plan. After lunch the girls were walking downtown and as they walked past a gap in the buildings, Ethan was there down on one knee, all dressed up with his guitar. He played/sang a song that was special to the two of them. He put his own spin on the song and changed the lyrics so the last verse would fit their love story. Her Dad was in on the plans too!  He was there to hand Ethan the ring so he could ask Gabbi for her hand in marriage! Then he took her to a restaurant where their family and friends from her hometown were to surprise her and celebrate with them.

One of their favorite things to do together is to watch sunsets on the beach.  We thought the beach at sunset would make a perfect engagement session spot for these two, and the sunset did not disappoint!  However, I am not sure how much of the sunset they actually saw… they spent a lot of time making out 😉  They are so adorable together and cannot keep their hands off each other, and I LOVE IT!!  I had so much fun with them and I know their wedding at Plaza de Magdalena is going to be amazing next year!!

Location: Crystal Cove State Park


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