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Temecula Wine Country Engagement Session MacKenzie + Travis

Feb 25


 Online dating, starbucks, a new winery and true love....

Online dating, starbucks, a new winery and true love….

When they set up a date online neither new what to expect. Mackenzie was impressed by the fact that he traveled to her instead of meeting half way.  After their first date at Starbucks she knew she wanted more.  Before long she had stolen Travis’s heart.  He asked … and she said YES! They knew they found the perfect venue to host their wedding day when they saw the plans for the new winery in town!  A new winery and a new marriage, lots to celebrate! Avensole Winery has laid the foundation and been hard at work preparing for their Grand Opening in March.  These two have laid the foundation for a lasting love and are hard at work planning their perfect wedding day!

It took a little time for these two to warm up to the camera, but, I can tell they have no problem warming up to each other.  I couple that can laugh together makes my heart happy (and my job a little easier)!  I don’t know if I have ever laughed so much on a shoot before!

Mackenzie will make a stunning bride.  She is a warm and inviting person that makes you want to smile.  I can see why Travis enjoys spending time with her.

Travis and Mackenzie are a casual and laid back couple.  I imagine they spend a lot of their time just hanging out and chatting with each other.

And maybe kissing now and then….

The best thing about Travis is the way he can make Mackenzie light up!

The evening was cool and crisp and the sunset stunning.

We enjoyed exploring all the new buildings around the winery.

They enjoyed the sunset together, a beautiful way to end a beautiful day!  I am so excited to capture another cahpter of their love story on their wedding day at Avnesole Winery this fall.

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