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Why Destination Weddings Make Everyone Happy

Dec 5

destination weddings


Why a destination wedding?
At a typical wedding, you’re busy meeting, greeting and mingling with guest because you only have a couple hours to do everything. Destination weddings are on vacation time. You usually arrive a few days early. By the time your wedding rolls around, you’ve had two to three days of fun with family and friends. How often do you have the opportunity to spend no-rush quality playtime with everyone that matters most to you? This is your chance.

As a photographer, I love shooting destination weddings because it gives me an excuse to travel and see new and exciting places. I usually get to know the bride and groom and family members a little better as I spend some time capturing images during the week of playtime, instead of only at the wedding on a schedule. I love the extra time I get with my couples and their families. By the time the wedding rolls around everyone is comfortable with me and my camera and I am able to capture some really raw and fun photos. I also get a chance to photograph new and beautiful places.


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